The goal:

Ampliare la consapevolezza di Denny's di poter creare una propria campagna incentrata sul piatto personale aumentando contemporaneamente il passaggio delle persone nei ristoranti Denny's a livello nazionale.

Our location solutions.

A three-pronged solution including GroundTruth Proximity, Competitive and Audience targeting focused on reaching loyal and prospective diners throughout their day.

GroundTruth’s Store Visitation Lift measurement and consumer survey was applied to understand the campaign’s direct impact on foot traffic to Denny’s locations.


Case Study / Denny’s

Denny’s gained additional 25k in-store visits post ad exposure compared to baseline.

Nearly 12% of all consumers exposed to Denny’s ad during the campaign visited a store within 14 days of ad exposure.

Survey respondents who were exposed to Denny’s ads were 138% more likely to visit a Denny’s more than once during the campaign, compared to the baseline.

1 %

increase in likelihood to visit Denny's