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A self-serve platform to buy and manage
all of our ad products

Buy and manage all of our available advertising products in a single, easy-to-use platform. And, with readily accessible reporting and analytics, you can track and optimize your campaigns in just seconds. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, in-store visits or website traffic, let Ads Manager help you achieve your marketing goals.

Trova il tuo pubblico e aumenta la consapevolezza del marchio

Trova il pubblico adatto in base ai luoghi che frequenta

Per anni abbiamo effettuato il targeting dei consumatori in base a delle supposizioni. Ma se c'è una cosa che sappiamo, è che la natura umana è imprevedibile. Quindi, per quale motivo ci rivolgiamo alle persone in base a ciò che pensiamo faranno o a dove pensiamo si troveranno?

GroundTruth enables marketers to reach the right people in real places in real-time. GroundTruth’s platform combines real-time location data and accurate places to influence where people will actually go next with precision, scale and confidence.


Aumenta le vendite e le visite al negozio


Our groundbreaking Cost Per Visit solution removes the risk or guesswork of traditional media buying, as marketers only pay when in-store visits occur. This new model shifts accountability from the buyer to the partner, bringing improved transparency and simplicity to the advertising industry.

Key Benefits

  • The only offline guaranteed performance model
  • Provides an accountable performance stream
  • Pay for deterministic, 1-to-1 visits only. No panels or projections

Integra le prestazioni della posizione a livello di programmazione

Ottimizza la posizione in tempo reale

GroundTruth provides both turnkey and custom location-based inventory via our programmatic offering. GroundTruth’s open exchange offering delivers access to large scale, location-verified mobile audiences via our mobile marketplace partners. Marketers can also develop a premium location strategy by utilizing GroundTruth’s private marketplace, which incorporates predefined location categories or custom location packages.

By leveraging real-time insights from GroundTruth’s location marketplace, our brand partners are able to reach relevant audiences with accuracy and scale.

Amplia il media buying

Potenzia le tradizionali attività di media buying con la posizione

GroundTruth works with major media organizations to help augment traditional advertising offerings with location-based marketing.

GroundTruth’s partnership program combines our location expertise with our partners’ deep channel knowledge to create a cross-channel media offering, powered by GroundTruth’s location marketplace. By partnering with GroundTruth, media organizations are able to leverage their unique place and/or audience insights to build a custom mobile solution that amplifies their existing offerings.

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